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Tire Balancing Prices

tire balancing prices

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My Lincoln LS 2001 V8

My Lincoln LS 2001 V8

The lincoln has a sister. Her name is Jaguar S-Type. The two cars share a 252-hp 3.9-liter V-8 Jaguar engine and the automatic transmission. Both engines require premium gas.
The V-8 is as smooth as butter, refined and potent, giving the LS quick launches and great passing power. The suspension and tires are firmer than expected from Lincoln, especially with the optional Sport Package, but the payoff is in the LS’ athletic, surefooted handling.
The best way to describe the Lincoln LS is to think of it as an American BMW.
The LS was designed with a 50/50 weight balance for optimum handling. Aluminum is widely used throughout the suspension to reduce weight, and the battery is located in the trunk for better weight distribution. The 114.5-inch wheelbase, gives it a muscular profile. The sharp "bone" lines that run from the top of the front fenders back along the cabin carry a hint of athleticism and add visual interest.

Engine: 3.9-liter V-8
Transmission: automatic Rear-wheel drive
Wheelbase: 114.5 inches
Curb weight: 3,692 lbs.
Base price: $35,695
As driven: $40,435
Mpg rating: 17 city, 24 hwy.

No, you come push it!

No, you come push it!

A very common sight on Fraser Island...

people trying to get their 4WD's out of the tricky sand...
the smell of burnt clutch in the air..
the sound of loose spinning tires...
and blokes trying to keep a poker face in front of the mistrustful girls...

if there's a peaceful part in the world where you'd rather be in a Hummer no matter the oil prices, this is it!

personally, I was actually wishing I was driving a heavy tank!

...frickin' sand...

tire balancing prices

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