Creamery tire coupon. Tire pressure caps.

Creamery Tire Coupon

creamery tire coupon

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  • The worldwide headquarter office of Cold Stone Creamery.

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Creamery Falls

Creamery Falls

Creamery Falls at the Woodruff Outdoor Learning Center in Van Hornesville, NY. I suspect the watershed for the falls is small because I took this phot while most of the state of NY was under a flood warning. Still the Woodruff center has three waterfalls on an easy trail system. Just go toward the end of April since there's three feet of snow on the ground in mid-March.

Creamery Hose

Creamery Hose

A hose, hanging on the wall at the Redwood Hill Creamery. My photographer's eye (ha!) was checking out every possibility:)

creamery tire coupon

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