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discount tire co

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A Stormy Evening

A Stormy Evening

Another shot from last nights trip up to Silverton, Colorado. What a fantastic evening for photography. It was stormy, with an awesome sky. Storm clouds, light rays, and rainbows. A perfect time for photography.

I just have to talk about this amazing campsite I found. This is crazy! I have NEVER struggled this hard to find a campsite. Usually I'm not this picky, but I'm staying in Durango for a month or so, I'm tired of having no hookups, I want to be comfortable for a while. I must have checked out about 25 different campgrounds. All the ones near town are insanely expensive. Like $30-$40 a night, with no weekly or monthly discounts. That works out to over $1000 for a month, for a parking spot. That's insane!! The only affordable ones were so far out of town that I barely have any signal on my cell phone, which means I probably wouldn't have any internet. So, last week, after three days of hunting for a campsite, I saw what looked like a campground just north of Durango, but it was almost empty. I pulled in, and didn't notice the "private property, no trespassing" sign at the entrance. It was the most beautiful campground I have ever seen. It's got 2 nice lakes, with beautiful mountains in the background. There is a big old barn with picnic tables inside, and a big bar, and a movie theatre, a kitchen, and a huge grill outside, about 10 feet wide. But, nobody was around. There are about 100 campsites, but only about 8 of them had campers. Finally I saw someone. A lady came out of the woods pushing an ATV that had run out of gas. Her son was on it steering. She was struggling to push it. I ran over and helped her. While pushing I asked her what the story was with this place. She said it used to be a campground, but some friends of hers bought it and closed it to the public, so they could have the place all to themselves. Everyone staying here was just friends of theirs visiting for the holiday week. She said sometimes they let outsiders in, but it's VERY rare. She went and found the owner. He came out and we started talking, and just hit it off immediately. He was so intrigued by my story of being a homeless photographer, traveling around shooting scenic photos. He said, alright you can go get your rig and pull in. He said "you can stay, as long as you're quiet and don't do anything to piss us off. So, I have a beautiful campsite with water and electric hookups. They are just the nicest, friendliest group of people. Practically everyone left yesterday. Last week they had about 30 people here visiting for the holiday week. So, last week, when I was being introduced to everybody, they decided what my payment would be. While all their friends were here, every night they have a big barbaque, and they take turns on who's in charge of buying the food and cooking it. So, a few nights ago, I was put in charge of cooking a big barbaque for about 30 people. Luckily I love to cook, and everything turned out really good.

Vulcanizadora Rey

Vulcanizadora Rey

I hope it's not racist to say that Mexican's love tire shops. I don't know why this is, but I can guarantee you there's no better way to tell you are in a predominately Hispanic neighborhood than to see a tire shop such as this.

And don't think I'm knocking it either. This is the entrepreneurial spirit of America at play. White people get their tires from Discount Tire Co. and Wal-Mart, but not the Mexicans, they go to the Vulcanizadora... and so do I.

discount tire co

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